About CavCom Inc.

CavCom is an audio technology company committed to designing products that prevent hearing loss and improve 2-way radio communications in high noise and/or respirator environments. Immediate 2-way communication is critical to enhance worker safety and improve product quality. CavCom recognizes that employees demand comfort, durability and personal protection. Each of our product lines, EARZON, RADIOGEAR, and CAVCOM are industry proven and superior to other comparable devices (hearing protection headphones, earphones, headsets and earbuds) on the market. Call us to learn how clients have used CavCom products to protect, listen and talk in their work environment.

What Our Customers Are Saying

In my twenty years of working in a box plant I think your product is the best thing we can offer our personnel. The performance of the CavCom system far exceeds anything else I have tried. The employees love it and do not want to use anything else. Your customer service is top of the line. You are always willing to go the extra mile to help us out."

from David Gaertner, Temple Inland

As we deal with threats of terrorism, chemical exposures and other hazards, PPE and full containment will become more commonplace. The technology around communications systems is going to be more critical. Responders will need to use more effective devices for communications during these events, and that is why I think CavCom's technology deserves a lot of attention."

from John Henshaw, former Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA

Our HazMat team demands the best technology and tools available to ensure the safety of our responders and protection of our company assets - CavCom has dramatically enhanced our ability to communicate with each other in any emergency situation..."

from Shawn Zigler, Wal-Mart

We always try to use the best of every product that we can find in our business. We feel that it has a positive effect on the way that our clients perceive our business. When we began our relationship with CAVCOM 10 years ago, its radio systems were 10 times better than anything on the market then, and still are. The people at CavCom are very personable, professional and responsive. I recommend CavCom nationwide any time because the quality is phenomenal..."

from Kent Harmon, Industrial Consultants

CavCom has enabled my crew to operate one of the fastest running Corrugators in the world - instantaneous communication is key to our success and my guys demand it. Safety, quality and efficiency allow us to keep a competitive edge in an industry where performance is paramount, and we would truly suffer without CavCom..."

from Tim Caudill, Smurfit Stone Container Corp.